In the Midst

Praying with Poetry

The image of the Victory Cross as depicted on the front cover came to me during a very troubling time in my life. It represents the journey from pain to transformation where our crosses become symbols of victory. My pain was not to remain a cross but rather to become a “V”, a source of victory and a way to wholeness and freedom. The cross splits and God’s power moves the individual (black lines) from deep pain (red color) upward and outward to new life. The gold color is used to represent God’s presence and power. This artwork appeared in the Jesus 2000 Art Exhibition at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Belleville, Illinois, from September 9 through November 1, 2000.

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Our Everywhere God!

Waking Up to God's Almighty Presence Through Poetry 

These days many people are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to experience God in their lives. Some are finding it less and less necessary, or even desirable, to seek the presence of God. Our Everywhere God! is a collection of poems that draws insight from the experiences of everyday life and acts as a reminder of the presence of God in all things. Written in a manner both simple and profound, Our Everywhere God! invites readers to recognize and celebrate God's presence in prayer, nature, relationships, and suffering. Renée Hilton-Taylor found the inspiration to write this book during times of quiet prayer. These poems have challenged her to come out from underneath a bushel basket of fear and doubt in order to let her light shine. It is God's presence within that allows the divine to be experienced everywhere. 

"Into the Light"  depicts the elation and lightness of spirit that I felt when I learned I was indeed cancer free and would no longer need treatment. It was as though I had been lifted by the hand of God from the pit of darkness that was my cancer and given another chance at life."

-Charles "Bub" Harper, artist